XtraSize – A novel product for penis enlargement? Is it a scam or does it really help? Read personal tests and experiences here

XtraSize – Advantages

If you are looking for the solution to natural penis enlargement, you may have found it with XtraSize. Numerous reviews online show that the product is completely safe and effective. In addition, according to user experiences, it is also helpful in increasing sexual activity.

This is also shown by the before, after pictures that can be found on the internet. The pills are used by men in Germany to increase their sexual performance and give them more confidence in themselves.

What are the advantages of XtraSize?

Xtra Size is able to improve the blood flow to the erectile tissue, which can increase the size of the penis. This not only changes the thickness and length, but also the erectile strength. The penis is more swollen and ejaculation improves. Due to the longer erection possible, the pleasure increases for both sides. This automatically provides more satisfaction.

XtraSize experience – test and evaluation

On the internet you will find numerous tests and customer testimonials stating that penis thickness and length changed after taking the product. You will also find exclusively positive opinions on the website of the manufacturer XtraSize. Here you will also find numerous experiences from German users who are consistently satisfied with the product.

Forum opinions

We were able to find many positive experiences during our research on XtraSize, and not only on the manufacturer’s website. Negative experiences were mostly related to the ordering and delivery of the products.


The fact that the penis really grows could not be proven in any clinical studio. However, the numerous positive voices of users speak for this. Doctors also state on the website that the product can be quite effective. The only real criticism was that you can only return Xtra Size if the product has not been opened.


The experiences of customers who buy this product are extremely positive. They report that the penis really did get bigger after taking XtraSize. Surgical intervention was not necessary. In addition, users also report an increase in volume with before and after pictures. We have summarised some opinions in the following section.

Klaus 39 – I have already used the product for three months and I am really satisfied with the results. My stronger erection automatically increases my self-confidence.

Erich 53 – I wanted to use XtraSize to increase my erection to give me and my wife greater pleasure. It works after a very short time and we are both more satisfied with our sex life.

Thorsten 29 – Even though my penis is certainly not the smallest, XtraSize has made it even bigger. It has become thicker and longer. Since that time, my girlfriend says she can enjoy the best sex of her life.

The ingredients of XtraSize tablets

Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid and is quite well known. It helps to improve erection and is an important ingredient. This allows more blood to enter the penis, which in turn can increase its size.

Tribulus Terrestris: This is considered a booster for testosterone among strength athletes and there are always experiences on the internet that prove its positive effectiveness. If this raises the testosterone level, it also has a positive effect on the penis.

Maca root: The Maca root in the pills also raises the testosterone level, which also has a positive effect on performance. Erection is improved and test reports attest to the effect on stamina and size.

Saw palmetto extract: As a natural DHT inhibitor, saw palmetto extract is responsible for increasing a man’s libido. This can not only have a positive effect on the penis, but the ingredient in the tablets is also said to be useful for hair loss and prostate problems.

What are the side effects?

The XtraSize pills are a natural product with herbal ingredients. Side effects are not to be expected. However, certain groups of people may experience allergic reactions. If there are signs of this, the pill must be stopped immediately. If in doubt, consult a doctor.

Where can I buy XtraSize cheaply?

In our experience, the XtraSize pill is not available in pharmacies. If you want to buy the pill, you can buy it on the internet either on eBay or Amazon. Another option is the Xtra Size online shop. You pay an average of 50 euros for 180 pills. If you take XtraSize twice a day, you will have a supply for about 3 months.


In this section we have summarised the most important information about XtraSize and listed the results of our tests. At the same time, we show you how the pill works and how you should take it.

Are there any expert opinions?

There are a few expert opinions on the manufacturer’s website. One of these opinions comes from Dr Aaron Gale, who is quite positive in his test report. He states in an interview:

“The analyses of the effectiveness statistics of XtraSize are simply not refutable. A significant increase in penile erection size and improved performance. During the careful research and detailed analyses, I became convinced that XtraSize is not only effective, but also completely safe. I recommend XtraSize to any man who wants to improve his sex life.”

How exactly does XtraSize work?

Experience and before / after pictures show that taking XtraSize can positively change penis size and thickness. This can be explained as follows:

Many men are not able to get a 100 percent erection. However, the reasons for this can be very diverse. One reason may be that not enough blood flows into the penis, preventing a strong erection. The tissue cannot fill completely with blood, which makes the penis smaller. It is therefore particularly important that the man’s penis is sufficiently supplied with blood so that a full erection can occur. The experiences of users from the tests show that XtraSize can provide relief here. The active ingredients contained in the tablet can have a positive effect on blood flow, which leads to the penis becoming larger and the erection being able to be maintained for longer.

Is XtraSize a safe product?

Since Xtra Size is a completely natural product, it can also be classified as safe to take. The manufacturer certifies this on its website. Numerous experts were involved in the development of the pill and thus brought a food supplement onto the market that can also be used for penis enlargement. This is confirmed by the user reviews that can be found on the internet and the numerous tests.

Can XtraSize be bought in pharmacies?

At the moment it is not possible to buy XtraSize in pharmacies.

How are the pills taken?

XtraSize should be taken daily. The manufacturer recommends that one tablet should be taken per day. A pack of 180 tablets would last you half a year. However, reviews show that by taking two tablets a day, the effect is quicker. By taking the tablets constantly, lasting results can be achieved.

However, you should make sure to buy only genuine products. This is the only way to ensure that the pill works.

Where can I order XtraSize safely?

To rule out counterfeits, you should only buy XtraSize from the manufacturer’s website. In addition, the manufacturer will give you a discount if you order directly from the website.


Experiences and tests show that XtraSize really does make it possible to improve your sex life. The size of the penis can change and the erection can be kept longer. People who have taken XtraSize report consistently positive experiences and increased self-confidence.

This is the official website of XtraSize:


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Klaus 39
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I have already used the product for three months and I am really satisfied with the results. My stronger erection automatically increases my self-confidence.
Erich 53
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I wanted to use XtraSize to increase my erection to give me and my wife greater pleasure. It works after a very short time and we are both more satisfied with our sex life.