Probolan 50 – A well-known product for muscle growth. Is it a scam or does it really help? Read personal tests and experiences here

Probolan 50 – Advantages

If you want to build muscle effectively, then Probolan 50 may be just what you need. The food supplement supports the build-up and in connection with your strength training, you will be able to feel muscle growth within a very short time.

At least that’s what the manufacturer claims when you buy Probolan 50. But what do the Probolan 50 experiences of users who have already tested the capsules say and what do users in the Probolan 50 forum say about the “miracle product”?

I have taken a closer look and would like to report on my Probolan 50 experience and how the Probolan 50 intake works. At the same time, I will tell you where you can buy Probolan 50 and whether there are any Probolan 50 side effects. I can tell you in advance that the opinions from the Probolan 50 test are quite promising.

What are the advantages of Probolan 50?

According to the manufacturer, Probolan is supposed to bring you several advantages and effectively strengthen muscle growth in connection with your training. This also increases your self-confidence and the results are measurable. Taking Probolan 50 stimulates testosterone production, which is largely responsible for muscle growth. The advantages of Probolon 50 are:

  • 100 per cent natural ingredients
  • Recommended by doctors
  • There are no side effects
  • More than 10,000 satisfied users

Probolan 50 experience – test and evaluation

In the following section, I have compiled the opinions of customers that I found on the manufacturer’s website and in the Probolan 50 forum.

Forum opinions

The opinions in the Probolan 50 forums are quite clear. Here, it is almost always reported that the users are completely satisfied and that the expectations were even exceeded. Anyone who loves fitness should definitely try the food supplement Probolan 50.

But also the partners of the users report positively about Probolan 50. The self-confidence of the partners increases through the intake, which in turn makes them more attractive.

Points of criticism

I can’t always fully understand the criticisms I found in the Probolan 50 forum. One point that is mentioned again and again is that you cannot buy Probolan 50 in a pharmacy and therefore have to rely on the internet. Others have promised themselves that they can experience effective muscle growth just by taking it. However, this does not work and is not stated by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid training.


Frank, 37

Frank reports that he felt more power from the very first day and that he was able to organise his training more effectively. This motivates and encourages him to do more, and after just one week he could already see a clear increase in his muscles.

Fabian, 27

Fabian always had the problem that he could not see any significant results despite training. After regularly taking Probolan 50, this changed suddenly. He could practically see his muscles growing and after a few months he had clearly built up muscles on his shoulders and stomach. And all this without Probolan 50 side effects.

The ingredients of Probolan 50 tablets

Androgynous hormones promote muscle building and more testosterone is produced in men than in women. A high production is responsible for a faster muscle build-up and a targeted training increases this effect. Probolan 50 stimulates testosterone production and the Probolan 50 experience shows that this can stimulate muscle growth. The results are clearly noticeable and visible. Probolan 50 was developed for professional athletes, but is also suitable for recreational athletes who want to make their training more effective.

What are the side effects?

The manufacturer’s website does not report any possible side effects. However, since the ingredients of Probolan 50 are purely natural, you do not have to expect Probolan 50 side effects. This is also what the Probolan 50 experiences I found in the Probolan 50 forum say.

Where can I buy Probolan 50 cheaply?

If you want to buy Probolan 50, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly and order from their website. You can also find the product on Ebay, but here you cannot be sure that it is an original product.


Are there any expert opinions?

On the manufacturer’s website you can find a study by Dr. Price that confirms the effectiveness of Probolan 50. Here, the capsules were tested on 50 people and more effective muscle growth was observed in all of them. Not only was muscle growth supported, but fat burning was also stimulated. Clinical studies can therefore confirm the Probolan 50 experience of the users. Dr. Price also found that Probolan 50 works very quickly.

Are there before and after pictures?

Of course, there are always before and after pictures on this topic. Here you can clearly see how quickly the capsules work and the successes are clearly visible. However, I am not always quite sure whether I can really believe the Probolan 50 before and after pictures.

How exactly does Probolan 50 work?

If you want to train your muscles in a targeted way, you can support this effectively with Probolan 50. The testosterone production in your body is promoted by the intake and the visible successes will motivate you to train even more and in a more targeted way. Even though the capsules were actually developed for professionals, there is nothing to stop you from taking them if you only go to the gym from time to time. However, you should not forget that it is not possible without training. Muscle growth is only promoted. Just taking it will probably not change anything for you.

Is Probolan 50 a safe product?

The ingredients of Probolan 50 are purely natural, which is why the capsules can be classified as safe. You do not have to expect any side effects.

Can I buy Probolan 50 in a pharmacy?

You do not have to go to the pharmacy if you want to buy Probolan 50. You do not need a prescription for it. This is unlikely to change in the future, so it is best to order Probolan 50 directly from the manufacturer’s online shop.

How are the pills taken?

You can take up to four capsules of Probolan 50 a day. You can also combine it with other food supplements without any problems. You will feel the effect after a short time. You do not have to change your eating habits and you can also drink alcohol. So you don’t have to do without anything and can still look forward to great results.

Where can I order Probolan 50 safely?

You can be absolutely sure if you order Probolan 50 directly from the manufacturer. Here you also get the advantage of particularly favourable prices. If you buy several packages, you will also get further discounts. So it’s worth visiting the website and ordering directly from there.

This is the official website of Probolan 50:


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From the very first day, he felt more power and was able to organise his training more effectively. This motivates and encourages him to do more, and after just one week he could already see a clear increase in his muscles.
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