Maxatin – A well-known product for men’s problems. Is it a scam or does it really help? Read personal tests and experiences here

Maxatin – Advantages

There are some men today who suffer from erectile dysfunction and really struggle with it.

Hardly anyone turns to a doctor with their problem or wants to ask for advice at the pharmacy.

This is also the case for a “friend” of mine :), which is why I took a closer look at the subject.

I searched the forum for experience reports and reviews and came across Maxatin.

Numerous tests and experiences report that Maxatin can help with such a problem. The natural dietary supplement is said to not only have a positive effect on your erection, but also, if the reviews are to be believed, to increase the amount of ejaculation. In the following article I would like to summarise the reviews and show you at what price you can buy Maxatin and whether it is available in pharmacies or on Amazon.

What are the benefits of Maxatin?

Maxatin was developed for men and is said to increase your ejaculation by up to 500% once you have bought and taken it. In addition, according to users’ experiences, it increases your erection and desire. These are great promises, although I’m not sure if my wife is really that enthusiastic about an increased amount of semen of up to 500%.

The benefits of Maxatin are:

  • Your stamina is increased
  • More desire for sex
  • Greater ejaculation
  • More intense orgasms

Sounds perfect. All these advantages led me to look for tests and reports on my experiences. Because if all this is true, Maxatin is not just something for my boyfriend. If the price is right, I too might buy it from Amazon and see what my wife says when she doesn’t know where her head is after the act.

Maxatin experience – test and rating

Of course, tests and reviews should always be viewed with a certain amount of scepticism, as the reports of experiences can also be fakes. Not every forum is really credible. This is often the case when there are also before and after pictures to be seen. Because there are hardly any men who show pictures of their penis publicly in a forum. At least not if it is a serious forum with real experiences. For this reason, I looked around for real experience reports and searched for a forum that seemed credible. Here, people discussed the price, the effect and also the experience itself. I was able to find some users who were absolutely satisfied after buying and enthusiastically shared their experiences.

Forum opinions

In the forum, men report on their experiences with Maxatin. All the reports and tests I have read say that Maxatin is well tolerated and that there have been no side effects. The first effects became apparent after just two weeks, and the testimonials say that the women of the men who have used Maxatin are particularly enthusiastic. They report numerous positive experiences such as a longer erection and an increased amount of seminal fluid.


However, a few points of criticism are also mentioned in the users’ reviews and tests. Some complain that Maxatin is available at a low price, for example on Amazon, but not in pharmacies. The website is often criticised. It is unclear and the German is poor.

During my research and testing, I came across a few things that made me wonder. The most important question is how serious the manufacturer really is and whether you can take the product without hesitation. There is talk of clinical studies, but no proof is shown. So you have to rely on the experience reports from the forum. There is a money-back guarantee, but this only applies if the Maxatin package has not yet been opened. An evaluation can only take place if the product has been tested. To do this, you have to open the pack.


For my purchase decision, however, the experience reports and tests from the forum or Amazon of other users are more important. In the Amazon reviews I can read how users get on with Maxatin and how it works. And the men’s experiences are mostly positive. I would like to show you two of them.

When I was no longer fit in bed, I wanted to give up completely. It was torture for me and my wife. I came across Maxatin on the Internet and thought I could try it out at this low price. I didn’t want to go to the doctor or the pharmacy with my problem. I am completely satisfied with the product and can only give it a positive rating. My erection is now longer and stronger and sex is fun again.

For me, stress means that I can’t really concentrate on sex. Not only does my erection leave something to be desired, but strangely enough, my ejaculation does too. After I was able to buy Maxatin at a good price on the internet, this has changed. However, I wish I could get the product at the same price in the pharmacy. After all, in my experience, I would then also have access to good advice, as I trust the staff at my pharmacy blindly.


The ingredients of Maxatin tablets

Maxatin certainly has the advantage that only natural ingredients are used in its manufacture. Experience shows that the most important ingredients here are L-arginine and L-lysine. This is important for your blood pressure and is responsible for good blood circulation. But maca is also one of the ingredients. Other ingredients include cranberry, zinc, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and cellulose. Testimonials show that this composition can have a positive effect on your sex life.

What are the side effects?

Since Maxatin is a purely natural product, side effects are not to be expected. If you read through the experiences and tests of men who use Maxatin, you will not find any information about side effects. However, there are people who are allergic to one or the other ingredient. If this happens to you, you must stop using the product immediately and, if in doubt, consult a doctor. However, in my research I could not find any experience reports that gave any information on this.

Where can I buy Maxatin cheaply?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Maxatin in a pharmacy, so you have to rely on the internet. You can order the tablets directly from the manufacturer’s website or from Amazon, so you can be sure that you are not buying a fake. Perhaps the pill will soon be available in pharmacies. We will have to wait and see.


Here are the most important reports from user reviews and tests.

Are there any expert opinions?

Maxatin is considered a food supplement and has been subjected to many clinical tests and extensively analysed under the supervision of medical specialists. According to the testimonials, no side effects were found and the intake was classified as safe. Since there are no questionable ingredients, the product is freely available, even if it is not available in pharmacies. Doctors and medical experts attest that maximum effect can be achieved through this. You can also buy the capsules on Amazon.

Are there before and after pictures?

In some forums or tests you can find before and after pictures. However, if you start looking, this is usually difficult. A picture of an erect penis is quickly considered pornography and removed from the forum. Of course, you won’t find any before and after pictures on Amazon either.

How exactly does Maxatin work?

Due to the perfectly coordinated combination of the various ingredients, the user reports and tests in the forum or on Amazon are positive. The blood flow is stimulated and the erection can be maintained longer. The amount of seminal fluid also multiplies due to the composition.

Is Maxatin a safe product?

The product contains only natural ingredients. For this reason, in my experience, it is safe to take and there are no side effects to worry about.

Can I buy Maxatin in a pharmacy?

Unfortunately, in my experience, you cannot buy Maxatin in pharmacies and have to rely on the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you can buy Maxatin from Amazon.

How are the pills taken?

The dosage is very simple once you have bought the pills. In the morning, take two capsules with a glass of water. If you like, you can also take another tablet before the actual act. You will notice a positive effect after just two weeks. You need to be patient, because the longer you take Maxatin, the better the results will be.

Where can I safely order Maxatin?

You cannot buy Maxatin at a pharmacy. However, you can find the product at a reasonable price on the manufacturer’s website or on Amazon. If you want to buy Maxatin, contact the manufacturer. The price is also very reasonable here.

This is the official website of Maxatin:


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When I was no longer fit in bed, I wanted to give up completely.[...] I came across Maxatin on the Internet and thought I could try it out at this reasonable price. [...] I am completely satisfied with the product and can only give it a positive rating.