Green Coffee Plus – A secret product against obesity. Is it a scam or does it really help? Read personal tests and experiences here


Are you one of those people who are not happy with their weight and want to change it? Would you like to feel better in your skin in the future, but are not prepared to exercise excessively? Then Green Coffee Plus might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Although the dietary supplement does not help you on its own and is not able to make you suddenly lose weight, it can support you in your endeavour. At least that’s what the manufacturer and the numerous Green Coffee Plus experiences I found on the internet say. Since I also weigh a few kilos too much, I took a closer look at Green Coffee Plus capsules and would like to show you everything I found.

What are the benefits of Green Coffee Plus?

The ingredient chlorogenic acid, which is contained in the Green Coffee Plus capsules, is responsible for weight loss. This ingredient is able to prevent the absorption of sugar in the body during eating. This is a particular advantage, because if your body does not get sugar, it uses the fat cells to build up energy. This means that you can lose weight. If you also change your diet a little and exercise, this can help you lose weight faster.

  • Your metabolism will improve
  • The appearance of your skin will improve
  • You can lose up to 11 kg a month
  • Your blood pressure improves

Green Coffee Plus Experience – Test and Evaluation

In order to get to know the product better before I possibly buy it, I have taken a look at the Green Coffee Plus experience. At the same time, I checked whether I could buy Green Coffee Plus from a pharmacy and, if so, at what price.

Forum opinions

In the forum you will find numerous positive Green Coffee Plus testimonials, which show that the product can really help you to lose weight. Many people have been struggling with weight problems for years and have tried many other products.

With Green Coffee Plus, they have finally found what they have been looking for. Users report that they have already experienced noticeable and measurable results in the first week and are enthusiastic about the Green Coffee Plus effect. This also reduced the cravings that are common with many diets and gave them new energy after taking it. By the way, you can find more positive Green Coffee Plus experiences on the manufacturer’s website.


Of course, there are also negative reports. Users particularly criticise the fact that you cannot buy Green Coffee Plus in pharmacies. You have to rely on the manufacturer or Amazon. Others report that they could not feel any effect. If you read these reviews a little more closely, you will quickly realise that these users have done everything wrong.

Of course, it won’t work if you wash down Green Coffee Plus with a glass of cola and then eat a bar of chocolate. You should also change your eating habits in this regard. Green Coffee Plus is certainly not a miracle cure.


I have written down two Green Coffee Plus testimonials for you.

Rita reports that she has tried many different diets and that her weight has always fluctuated. A friend told her about Green Coffee Plus and she did a Green Coffee Plus test. Within only six weeks, she lost eleven kilograms and has been able to maintain her weight permanently ever since.

Karin had problems with her blood pressure because she was overweight. This improved when she started taking Green Coffee Plus. Within four weeks she lost seven kilos, which also had a positive effect on her blood pressure.

The ingredients of Green Coffee Plus tablets

The capsules are highly dosed, but comply with German laws. Here you will find the highest possible dosage of green coffee that is permitted in our country and with the Green Coffee Plus capsules it is in this way possible for you to finally reach your dream weight. And permanently.

What are the side effects?

It is certainly an advantage that Green Coffee Plus consists only of natural substances. This makes it very well tolerated and also available without a prescription. You can buy and test Green Coffee Plus without hesitation. The manufacturer is not aware of any side effects.

Where can I buy Green Coffee Plus at a reasonable price?

You cannot buy Green Coffee Plus in a drugstore or pharmacy. It is best to order the highly developed preparation directly from the manufacturer. The advantage here is that you can buy Green Coffee Plus on account and you will always find good deals here. If you order your product from Amazon, for example, you should make sure that you are buying the original product. There are plenty of counterfeits on the market, but none of them will work. This also saves you the price comparison and the Green Coffee Plus experiences show that you can only achieve the effect with the original product.


In the following section I have summarised the most important points for you. So you can see at a glance what is important and what you should look out for when buying Green Coffee Plus.

Are there expert opinions?

The supplier’s website states that the tablets are subject to numerous studies, all of which confirm the effect. The product has been carefully tested and only brought to market after its effectiveness has been established.

Are there before and after pictures?

In the forums where Green Coffee Plus is discussed, there are always before and after pictures. You can also find them on the manufacturer’s website. It is quite remarkable what success has been achieved with this. In some cases you can see pictures of people who have changed fundamentally.

How exactly does Green Coffee Plus work?

Green Coffee Plus capsules have a positive effect on your metabolism and block the absorption of sugar. This takes the energy you need from your fat cells. In addition, your blood pressure is regulated and free radicals in your body are effectively combated. As a result, you will not only lose weight, but also look younger. Green coffee has been used for centuries to improve the digestive system. Green coffee is also used in alternative medicine.

Is Green Coffee Plus a safe product?

It is safe for healthy people to take and there are no known side effects. If you are pregnant, however, you should check with your doctor beforehand whether you are allowed to use Green Coffee Plus. This is also the case if you are allergic. However, since it is a purely natural product, you usually have nothing to worry about and can take Green Coffee Plus capsules without hesitation.

Can I buy Green Coffee Plus in a pharmacy?

At the moment it is not yet possible to buy Green Coffee Plus in pharmacies. However, since it is a purely herbal product, you can do without it. You do not need a prescription or advice from your pharmacist to buy it.

How should I take the pills?

You should take two Green Coffee Plus capsules a day so that the effect can fully develop. One pack contains 60 capsules, so you will have a month’s supply. You should take the capsules after a meal. If you find it difficult to swallow them, you can also break the Green Coffee Plus capsules and dissolve them in a glass of water. However, the taste is not great and you will have to get used to it. It is better to simply swallow the capsules.

Where can I order Green Coffee Plus safely?

On the manufacturer’s website you can order the capsules on account. One pack currently costs 35 euros and lasts for a month. It is cheaper to order a three- or six-month pack. These then cost 69 euros and 105 euros respectively. This way you can save a lot. However, I would like to recommend that you first do a Green Coffee Plus test and order a pack. If you are enthusiastic, you can always buy a larger quantity of Green Coffee Plus.

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...had problems with her blood pressure due to being overweight. This improved when she started taking Green Coffee Plus. Within four weeks she lost seven kilos, which also had a positive effect on her blood pressure.